About us

Trade mark "Fanatik" - Ukrainian brand, producing fishing gear for the widest range of amateur fishermen. The company was founded in 2015 by an experienced fisherman Yuri Petrash, Master of Sport of Ukraine in fishing, World Champion in fishing spinning, the best athlete of Ukraine in the discipline "Fishing sport". Thanks to his experience and energy, fishing gear produced by TM "FANATIK", work no worse than similar products of the leaders of the world fishing market, and at the same time affordable to any ordinary fisherman. 

Fanatics has revolutionized the fishing market, setting a new benchmark for spinning baits in terms of price-quality ratio. The range of FANATIK edible silicone has expanded since then, but the principles of the program have remained the same:

- elastic and hardy material with the addition of a natural flavour component, the secret of which is not disclosed (all that is known is that this additive is mined in our waters and attracts pike, perch, pike-perch and catfish better than sea and bass attractions of Japanese silicone producers);

- a full range of silicone models in working colours that have been tested on our ponds. Each bait is extremely easy to use and versatile for all types of reservoirs and predators;

- each bait is thoroughly tested by leading athletes in competition conditions, and the model will only enter the market once all the nuances of the test have been taken into account and a clear positive conclusion has been reached by the testing team.

Today TM "FANATIK" is a successful production company.